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Welcome to Little Hands Virginia's Mother's Day Shop! Each purchase not only honors the special mom, daughter, sister, or friend in your life but also provides essential items to mothers in need, helping them care for their precious little ones.

Choose a digital card to share by email or print, and give a gift that gives back. Join us in spreading joy and making a positive impact with Little Hands Virginia!

Mother's Day Gifts with Purpose

Explore our Mother's Day Collection, featuring four special packages designed for on-the-go readiness, joyful days at the park, cozy bedtime cuddles, and nurturing nursing sessions. Your purchase supports mothers in need by providing the essentials that create these cherished moments.

Remember, every thoughtful gesture, no matter the size, contributes to a mother's journey of giving her best. Together, let's make this Mother's Day a celebration of love and support!

Everyday Essentials

Clothing Essentials

Safety Gear

Thank you for your support!

Every gift for purchase is representative of the items, services, or programs provided by Little Hands Virginia. Any additional contributions donated beyond the cost for a gift, service, or program, will be used to meet similar needs within the area you designate for your gift. All contributions are accepted with the understanding that Little Hands Virginia will donate all funds responsibly towards meeting the needs of children in need in order to be happy, healthy, and thriving.

  • Candice, Central Virginia Care Connection for Children

    "It felt like Christmas Day when I delivered the bundle to mom. The child had the biggest smile, and she hugged me. Seeing their happiness and relief overwhelmed me. Little Hands truly saved the day, and I couldn't have asked for more."

  • Jenniffer, Crossover Health Ministries

    “Moms face food and housing insecurity, and WIC does not cover diapers. They have to choose between diapers and essentials for their baby or food. While other organizations may offer some of the items mothers need, Little Hands is a one-stop solution, which makes my job of finding resources more efficient.”

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Will I receive anything in the mail? 

You won’t receive an acknowledgment of your gift catalog purchase in the mail, but you will receive an immediate email confirmation from Shopify and an email tax receipt within 2-3 days from Little Hands Virginia.

Can I donate physical items to Little Hands instead of purchasing from the gift catalog?

Yes, we rely on in-kind donations of new and gently-used baby and toddler items to support over 1,500 children each year. Please visit our Donate Items webpage to learn more about the items needed and accepted.

How do I volunteer with Little Hands Virginia?

We rely on big hearts in our community to sort donations, fill requests, and quickly get essentials to children in need in our community. Sign up to volunteer with Little Hands Virginia here!